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About us

You Have the Will, We Have the Way!

As a social enterprise, G-TAC specializes in talent pipeline building and global talent sourcing for Canadian businesses and career transition support for new Canadians and future Canadians.  

To our Canadian employer partners, we are an extension of your talent acquisition team. Our Agile Talent Solution (ATS) will help grow your talent pipeline, find and connect with the right candidates fast and cost-effectively. 

To our Job Seeker candidates, we are your career success partner. Our proven service process will guide your career transition to maximize your potential and achieve your career dream. The customizable process covers career counselling, occupational skills training, employer connections and job placement. 

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ICT Boost Placement Program

ICT Placement Program – Guide you to the Canadian ICT Workplace For detailed information about our free ICT Placement Program, please fill out the following registration form and upload your

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1 on 1 Career Coaching

The Services The Results Decipher the job description Learn to debriefing job description carefully, identifying key qualifications and requirements, and tailoring your application materials to match these requirements as closely

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How can you benefit from an online job fair?

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, the VCE13 is the perfect opportunity to learn about job openings, network with hiring managers, and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations.

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Cyber Security Fundamentals

Cyber Security Fundamentals -Upskill and reskill for IT security career with G-TAC’s training certificate Program Introduction To provide an overview of the Cyber Threat Landscape and the impact on governments,

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Project Approach and Agile

Project Approach and Agile Program Introduction Understand the fundamental differences between traditional and agile approaches Recognize the nuances between Scrum, Kanban, MVP, and SAFe. Come away with the foundation so

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I'd like the express my gratitude to my consultant for his endless support, inspiration and encouragement with my job search after my relocation. After relocating to Ottawa my consultant helped me gain a better understanding of the local working culture and job market to improve my resume and brush up on my skills helping me land a job at a very renowned employer.



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