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Top-Notch Employment Solutions

Staffing & Recruiting

We are upfront about what we can and can’t do for you. We believe that any long-lasting relationships is built on honesty and mutual respect.

Career focused Training

Ability to change and adapt when needed is crucial in career development. We believe that continuous learning is a must for success in any field.


Whether you are an employer or jobseeker G-TAC is ready to assist you with every step of the process to help you accomplish your goals.

Jobs & Events

To apply to any of these jobs, please submit your resume by following the ‘JOB SEARCHING’ link under the job summary

Clients' Testimonies

I'd like to express my gratitude to my consultant at G-TAC for his endless support, inspiration and encouragement with my job search after my relocation. After relocating to Ottawa my consultant helped me gain a better understanding of the local working culture and job market to improve my resume and brush up on my skills helping me land a job at a very renowned employer.



    “I began following G-TAC two years before I arrived in Canada, starting in October 2021, when I received an invitation to an upcoming webinar on Nov. 4th titled “How to Follow Up with the Recruiter After a Job Fair.” My initial introduction to G-TAC was through Twitter (now X), and recognizing the wealth of information they offered, I decided to incorporate G-TAC into my migration strategy as a crucial resource to stay informed about settling and thriving in Canada.

    The webinars conducted by G-TAC proved to be highly informative and beneficial. From engaging sessions with prominent employers like Desjardins and Ericsson to topics covering navigating the Canadian immigration system, starting a career in banking, your first weeks in Canada, writing an effective resume, and various other captivating subjects – G-TAC provided a comprehensive and insightful experience. This experience proved immensely helpful when I finally arrived in Canada.

    Thanks to G-TAC, I could effectively plan and navigate my settlement process. The knowledge and tools provided by G-TAC were instrumental in accelerating my assimilation into Canadian life and securing a job within months of my arrival. I am grateful for G-TAC’s role in my successful transition to Canada.

    I wholeheartedly recommend G-TAC to everyone seeking guidance and support in their journey to Canada. Your webinars, career counselling, and industry knowledge have been pivotal in shaping my career planning and success in this new chapter of my life.”

    Osaze E.


    “I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional career coaching, mentorship and guidance recently. Your invaluable tips and insights have been instrumental in refining my resume, LinkedIn profile, enabling recruiters to discover me more easily. Your suggestion to optimize the profile name has particularly enhanced my visibility, and I’m thrilled with the results.

    Furthermore, your training sessions on interview preparation have been immensely beneficial. I now feel more confident and well-prepared to tackle interview questions effectively, thanks to your expert advice.

    I’m also grateful for your thoughtful guidance on gracefully declining the first offer without causing any inconvenience or hurt feelings to HR. Your insights have empowered me to navigate such situations with professionalism and respect.

    Furthermore, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your assistance in helping me secure my first permanent job here in Canada. Your support and encouragement throughout the process have been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for your unwavering assistance.”

    Best regards,